You’ve been drinking long enough and the thrill has turned into a habit, and that habit has turned into a dependency. It has affected your day-to-day life and you’ve decided to kick the bottle, but there’s an expected hump to get over and here’s what to expect.

  1. Being a Jerk – And that’s probably lightly described. Every little thing will bother you during alcohol withdrawal – the way everyone speaks to you, the temperature in the room, and even the sound of a pin drop.
  2. ‘Spacey’ – You may not always feel 100%, but this time around, you’ll walk into a room and forget what you were supposed to do. You might forget things or be confused by all the asks, orders, and questions directed at you.
  3. Insomnia – You won’t be able to sleep much, as any major life altering experience may go.

Your body is going through adjustments, and chemicals from your body aren’t being normally produced from the various phases of alcohol withdrawal. In extreme cases, you’ll need prescribed drugs that can fake the body out so you don’t suffer from extreme symptoms.

If you can’t just make it through the day, speak with a treatment advisor 24 hrs a day at: 888-213-1552