About Us

When you realize that you are addicted to alcohol, you feel incredibly alone, as if no one can truly understand what you are going through. At first, you might believe that denying you have a problem will help or may even make it go away. But, if you do not take immediate action, things are only going to get worse. We are a group of real people that understand just how challenging your journey can be and are here to help make it a bit easier by offering you all the information you need regarding alcoholism.

We cover all areas regarding this condition, from alcohol withdrawal timeline to alcohol withdrawal treatment. We share stories that will prove you are not on your own. Countless other individuals are going through a similar chapter in their lives, where they pass that fine line between casual drinking and needing the liquor. It may sound rough, but alcohol does not make life easier, regardless when you begin drinking it. Fortunately, it is in your power to make a choice to improve your life or the life of someone close to you that is dealing with alcoholism.

If you or your loved one decide to quit alcohol, it is important to remember that there will be a withdrawal process that will make it difficult to stop drinking. In some cases, the side effects are mild. In others, proper treatment will be required. We provide all the information you may need regarding the stages of alcohol withdrawal, how to tell if someone is in withdrawal and how to make their experience a bit easier for them to handle.

To benefit from support, you don’t have to do anything other than just leave us a message or call a treatment advisor that is available 24/7. Taking back control over your own life can seem like an impossible task when you do not have a support system. It may seem this way, even when you do have people next to you that try to be there and offer you their help. However, if you feel the need to talk to a trained professional, you are more than welcome to contact us. At this point, you might feel like you don’t even need to worry about withdrawal. You figure that you can just go to an AA meeting and take it from there.

Seeing as withdrawal can and most likely will be overwhelming, it is best to be prepared with all the information you require to get through it and start the healing process. Being an alcoholic is something that does not go away for good or that can be cured. This is a condition with which you learn to live and that you can control, if you enroll in a program and follow the steps. Allow our content and support to be your starting point. Take a look at the journeys we have documented and find answers for any alcohol withdrawal questions you may have. We are here 24/7!