Beating alcohol addiction should be done under the supervision of medical experts, with a prepared treatment plan. Patients who try and self-treat may cause more problems.
For example, the detox phase can involve intense side effects which are best treated in a recovery program. You can search for a local substance abuse treatment center near you.

Committing to a recovery program with the assistance of a medical professional gives you the best chance of long term success. Qualified professionals will direct you through each step of the treatment program to ensure you reach your goals. After your recovery an advisor will put you in touch with alcohol abuse counsellors and support groups, like AA and Al-Anon. This will guarantee you keep up your sobriety and to help you to meet different people who have beaten their alcohol addiction.

Recognizing alcohol abuse can prevent someone you love from becoming an addict.

In 2014, 16.3 million grown-ups in the U.S. had an alcohol disorder. Of those only 8.9 percent got treatment.

Many people think drinking in high school is normal, however teens are prime candidates for alcohol addiction.

Alcohol abuse amongst teens is rising, an estimated 855,000 youths ages 12 to 17 had a alcohol disorder in 2012.

Treating alcohol abuse comes down to noticing the symptoms before they become a chronic condition.

The number of adults seeking treatment has recently dropped to 1.2 percent., this is alarming.

If you need treatment and just find it easier to talk to someone, we encourage you to call a treatment advisor at 888-213-1552.