Drinking Problems & Alcoholism

When you do not really know whether you have gone from casual drinking to having AUD, also known as Alcohol Drinking Disorder, there are a few important aspects you should check on. First, let’s talk about what alcoholism really is and what can be done about this condition. You may be considered an alcoholic if you don’t seem to have control over the amount of alcohol you ingest, you feel the constant need of liquor and you are in a poor state of mind when you are not drinking.

Seek help immediately if you have encountered any of the following:

  • There were times when you drank more than you intended;
  • You have tried to control your drinking or stop it altogether, but were unable to.
  • You spend a lot of time drinking;
  • You have a strong urge to drink;
  • Your drinking causes issues with your family, school or job;
  • You continue to drink although you have trouble with your family, school or job;
  • You replaced your favorite activities with drinking;
  • You got yourself in dangerous situations because of your drinking (driving or using machinery etc.)
  • You drink even if it ads to another health problem;
  • You increase the amount of liquor you ingest to get the same effect;
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when the liquor wears off.

Taking action against this condition is never easy. Especially if you have tried to control it on your own, you know that it is challenging and overwhelming. The main reason for that would be the fact that when you stop drinking, you deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This means that you can expect to experience sickness, vomiting, sleeping disorder or even unsteady hands and sweating. This usually happens 6 hours after your last drink.

Depending on how severe your withdrawal journey is, you may deal with even more serious signs of alcohol withdrawal like hypertension, racing heart, fever and even excessive sweating. In some cases, you might need to take alcohol withdrawal medication. Nevertheless, before you make any decisions regarding how you will be regaining control of your life, it is best to seek help. Talk to someone that understand you and that can guide you towards a safe recovery. If you know of someone that is dealing with AUD, you can help them.

We offer you all the information you may need to know about alcoholism and withdrawal as well as the chance to talk to a treatment advisor 24/7. You don’t have to do this alone. To understand that you are not the only one going through this or dealing with this condition, you should read the journeys that are documented on our blog. Asking for help can be difficult, especially when it is still hard to admit that you don’t have control over your drinking. The sad truth is that less than 10% of the people dealing with AUD get the treatment they need.

Not being able to just stop when you want to can be terrifying. However, benefiting from proper guidance means that you will be better sooner than you think. Withdrawal can also be scary due to the different symptoms and side effects mentioned above. To ensure you are prepared to this entire process, you should do your research and talk to an advisor that can ease your mind. When the withdrawal case is mild, one can get through it while in their own home as long as some simple requirements are met. The space should be peaceful and positive, while the lighting should be delicate.

If you have never been through withdrawal and do not really know what to expect, you should be aware of the fact that some cases can be severe. When that happens, the individual dealing with extreme side effects might need to benefit from inpatient treatment at a proper facility. It is in your power to make a change in your life, to be the one that makes decisions. Of course, addiction is never easy and getting back on track will require you to overcome a series of obstacles. But, it is all worth it when you realize that you are getting your life back and are doing what is best for your health and state of mind.

AUD should never be treated lightly. This is a serious condition that affects the quality of life and can lead to tragic consequences if someone dealing with this condition does not get the treatment they need. Don’t wait any longer before you do something about it. Take action today!