CBD and Alcohol Withdrawal

You’ve heard the hype around CBD (cannabidiol) and probably know people who are using it for it’s therapeutic properties. Many swear by it for all manner of aliments and can’t live without it. Some of the many uses of CBD include; weight loss, controlling inflammation, managing anxiety, battling tumors and treating pain.

Another way CBD is helping people is in the area of Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Withdrawal . Many individuals have benefited from using CBD to help quit drinking and relieve the harsh symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal.

A Bit About CBD

The scientific name for CBD is cannabidiol, one of the many useful cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It was largely ignored and discarded for many years – until research uncovered it’s high value for healing the body and fighting the symptoms of disease.

To create CBD much of the cannabis plant is used to make oil and the THC content is either totally or largely removed. CBD is non-psychoactive and in fact fights the psychoactive effects of cannabis. This means it is legal and safe for everyday use by everyone, regardless of age, gender or predisposition. It is also safe for animals but it is doubtful that your pet has a drinking problem…

Alcohol Abuse & Alcohol Withdrawal

All jokes aside, Alcoholism is a major health concern in America. 20 million Americans identify as alcoholics or have a drinking problem. 90,000 die every year as a result of Alcohol Abuse. This is a major health crisis and CBD can help prevent this tragedy.

Alcohol Withdrawal is a real and dangerous condition and can cause death. A controlled Detox in a rehab facility with trained professionals is the best and safest way to quit. If you attempt to try this on your own at home it can be very difficult, potentially dangerous and even life threatening – but CBD can help.

The hardest part of Alcohol Withdrawal on an individual is both mental and physical. Many alcoholics have become totally dependent on alcohol to survive and simply can’t live without it. Their body doesn’t work correctly without alcohol and this makes it almost impossible to stop.

How does CBD help Alcohol Withdrawal?

CBD takes the edge off withdrawal and helps the individual return to their normal daily routine more quickly. It can help them deal with the anxiety, stress and physical discomfort of Alcohol Withdrawal and doesn’t damage the body- instead it repairs the body.

Mixing CBD and Alcohol

Quitting alcohol is hard and going “Cold Turkey” is almost impossible. Tapering down is the best method, adding CBD is a good idea and this combination is not at all dangerous.

Interestingly many people find that it is more difficult to get drunk while taking CBD, cannabidiol also helps dilute the alcohol in your blood and reduces the damage done by drinking. CBD can also repair the toxic effects of alcohol and if you feel you have to drink, blending it with alcohol is actually a good idea to maintain your overall health.

How to use CBD to fight Alcohol Addiction

There are many CBD products available including:

Oil tinctures – These are the best and most reliable ways to self medicate and measure your dosage accurately. CBD oil is the quickest way to get cannabidiol into the body and specifically the circulatory system. 3 drops under the tongue or in a beverage and most people feel the effects within 15 minutes.

Vapes – If you are somebody who likes to vape, this is another good method to get CBD into the body rapidly.

Edibles – There is also the slower option of edibles including; gummy candies, chocolates, treats, etc., etc.

For a large number of people, CBD oil products have helped them kick alcohol reliance and Alcohol Withdrawal for the very last time. It has also helped people live healthier lives in the process. If you are ready to quit drinking why not make CBD oil part of your plan?